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Introducing ECCOS

The key to developing successful people

ECCOS (Eysenck, Cripps, Cook Occupational Scales) is a brand new adaptation of the Eysenck Personality Scales (EPQ) updated for the occupational psychology and human resource sector of commerce, industry, teaching and research.

We are currently running a pilot version of the ECCOS Online. We would pleased if you could spend a little time in completion. The link is:

The original Eysenck Personality Scales are probably the most widely researched, validated and reliable of current personality instruments with a body of research that strongly supports the psycho-physiological theoretical position of the Eysencks in defining personality.

ECCOS has been researched and developed by Dr Barry Cripps and Dr Mark Cook using the EPQ as its basis, in consultation with Dr. Sybil Eysenck, to meet the occupational development needs of a wide audience in psychology, human resources, teaching and research, specifically for assessment in the workplace, such as: selection, development, coaching and team development.

ECCOS is deliverable by trained or qualified psychology professionals and consists of a paper and pencil candidate questionnaire which takes about twelve minutes to complete, and the resources to score and assess the answers quickly to give a highly valuable insight into any candidate. All supported by an extensive and well researched manual containing theoretical rationale, the development of ECCOS, extensive validity, reliability and normative studies as well as full details for administration, scoring, profile interpretation and candidate feedback, according to current standards in occupational testing.

On a one to one, face to face basis, administration, scoring and verbal and written feedback of ECCOS is normally completed in under an hour.

Overall ECCOS is poised to become the tool of choice for personality analysis in the workplace, the key to building a motivated, empowered and successful team that will really deliver.